Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nikki and Josh.

They've been bickering like crazy lately.
Like to a point where they're threatening each other with separation.
both of them.
we all know is not going to happen, but its annoying to me that they throw it around like its an actual possibility. -_-
I know its possible for a lot of people, just dont see it for my parents.
anyway, I had to sit them down today so they can hash out their issues. 
like me, a whole me, had to give my parents marriage counseling, when I havent even been in a relationship myself!
I hope I got through to them. 
Its serious and petty stuff. nothing they can't get over.
communication is whats lacking. 
they dont communicate and just keep everything bottled up inside and then explode or let it fizzle at the wrong times. 
anyway, I gave them some good advice, they seemed receptive, hopefully they'll put it into action. lol
I'll be praying for them. 

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