Monday, January 16, 2017


I'm on a ski trip with my friend Tray and her friends!
I only came here knowing one person besides Tray but I'm having a blast with all my new friends.
Soooooooooo..... I dropped my phone in the pool today. 
First time I ever messed up a phone. 
I ran it to rice and its been sitting in rice since. I'll check it tomorrow and hopefully it'll turn on. :/
Today's our last day at the cabin. It's been sooooo fun. I didnt get to ski, but the tubing was fun along with the ratchetivities that took place today. 

another topic, I always say you dont really know someone until you travel with them and that is true.
It is difficult for me when I see people who claim to be Christian live and act non Christlike.
Its difficult because I'm trying to be stronger in my faith and when I see people I perceive to be "stronger" basically fake being a true believer, I lose hope. 
My "church friends"/family in Houston are the real deal. 
We can fellowship and have fun, and still hold each other accountable and behave Christlike while doing things that arent related to followshipping. 
I don't have friends from church here in VA, mostly my fault but still..
Anyway, I feel like I shouldn't continue this friendship.
I probably will, but I know I should not and that makes the difference to me. 

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