Monday, October 13, 2014

straightened my hair and started feeling myself. lol

foodie chronicles: Killen's barbeque

few things to remember about me.

1. I love Jesus.
2. I love Michael Jackson.
3. I love/cant live without/have an affinity for barbeque and applesauce.

Went to this awesome spot in Pearland and got me some brisket with a side of mac&cheese and potato salad yesterday.
Frankly, I'm a potato salad snob, and this passed the test with flying colors. One of the best actually.
The brisket and mac&cheese were really good too.

Friday, October 3, 2014

high chronicles. I dont smoke often but the weed got the best of me this day. lol.

wish I could post some juiciness..

I'm boring now. lol.
I've always been boring though.. just masked with adventurous moments from time to time.
its so funny to me that everyone always thinks I'm out and about, or jet setting somewhere, and I do, quite often... well more than average people my age. 
But to me thats nothing. I wish I could "jet set" for the rest of my life. well atleast the majority of it. lol
but yea, nothings really going on with me. I work. *shocker* 
I work as a scribe in the emergency department at a hospital, it exciting and stressful, but it makes me appreciate doctors and having a healthy life soooooo much more. 
hahaha. one of my co workers told me the co workers like me and speak highly of me. 
And thats great to hear... never really had co workers before, and I've barely even met all of them so thats even better to hear.
Anyway I'm tired... talk to ya'll boys later. POP! Hold it dine.

God is Great!

So I took my entrance exam for nursing school on Wednesday and I did GREAT. 
like even surprised myself how well I did. 
I scored in the top 94% NATIONALLY.
like thats crazy to me cause I've always been "smart" but not like on genius level. 
lololol. no gas but I am just extremely excited.
So now all thats left is to do is apply. 
Been procrastinating with my personal statement but it'll get done. lol
God is good. ya'll pray for me!