Wednesday, January 1, 2014

love God. love people. eat well. dress snazzy and stunt on hoes.

haven't blogged in a while... ahahhahahhaaa..
not my new years resolution either, I just realized my blog link is in my twitter bio so when people click the link they are probably confused, wondering why I haven't updated and what not.
I can tell by the views that people still check here periodically (thanks!), so much has been going on. lol
my blog gave me notoriety but I was honestly just blogging for myself, I didn't really care who read. I just wanted to get out what I wanted to get out...
I was comfortable with it at first but I dont like people knowing details of my life without me even meeting them.
I might start back again... with just pictures. do a picture purge once a month or something like that, just to let ya'll know the girl still living.

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