Thursday, July 4, 2013

all good things must come to an end right??

that has nothing to do with that post, but thats just what was in my head at the moment..
i dont even know how to blog anymore. 
should i updated ya'll??
do ya'll even care??
yeaa... i had a dream about this one boy i used to have a crush on.. dont even know where it came from.
we're still friends, havent seen or thought about him in a minute though so its crazy that i had a dream about him.

i sleep a lot so i dream a lot. and a lot of times theres people i know in my dreams.
i always try to analyze my dreams, but they lead me nowhere. lol.
and for some reason after i have a dream about somebody i feel the need to reach out to them.
i never do though.
how do you approach a person and say you had a dream about them?? lol.
and some of the dreams i rather just take to the grave with me.
hahahha. lets not even go there.

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