Friday, June 14, 2013

updated bucketlist.

  • go to atleast 5 rockets games. GSW, 3/16  4 more.
  • go skydiving.
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. SXSW. Black Hippy Tour. 1 more hopefully the J Cole concert later this month.
  • dine and dash.
  • run in a marathon.

half the year is gone and i'm not even halfway done.. lol.
i keep avoiding the marathon part, not cause i cant run it but cause i'm scared to!
i have no idea why, but i keep putting it off. i'll get it done though.
and no one wants to go skydiving with me, and i chicken out everytime i think i'm gonna dine and dash. lmao.
i reallllly want to do it though.
I gotta wait until the season starts so i can go to some rockets games.
but i feel like i'll be able to get everything done.
i hope so.

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