Saturday, June 22, 2013

i'm feeling you, the way you feeling me, like we felt each other..

Friday, June 14, 2013

summer's mineeeeeeeee.

i'm in summer school... that shit sucks.
i've been trying to find a job since the summer started.
nobody is trying to hire me.
i have so much stuff i'm trying to do, so i have to ration my money, and ask my parents for some too.
like why is it so hard to get a job?!!
my hustle is off in the summer because i make most of my money by doing other people's school work.
no school = no school work = no money. 
its a sad, sad life man. lol.

Chance the Rapper.

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tryna put ya'll on some new music, well it may be new to ya'll..
he performed at the illmore at sxsw, and we had never heard of him. 
the few songs he did were cool, i wasnt tryna hear it though we were worried about the big name celebrities. lol.
but yea, like a month later i downloaded his mixtape and its soooo legit.
like really good, i jammed it for like 2 weeks straight on repeat. 
i love when people put me on good music so here ya'll go!
now ya'll can claim ya'll were on him before he really blows up. 
lol. *eye rolls*

updated bucketlist.

  • go to atleast 5 rockets games. GSW, 3/16  4 more.
  • go skydiving.
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. SXSW. Black Hippy Tour. 1 more hopefully the J Cole concert later this month.
  • dine and dash.
  • run in a marathon.

half the year is gone and i'm not even halfway done.. lol.
i keep avoiding the marathon part, not cause i cant run it but cause i'm scared to!
i have no idea why, but i keep putting it off. i'll get it done though.
and no one wants to go skydiving with me, and i chicken out everytime i think i'm gonna dine and dash. lmao.
i reallllly want to do it though.
I gotta wait until the season starts so i can go to some rockets games.
but i feel like i'll be able to get everything done.
i hope so.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

9 times outta 10 there's always an alterior motive.

4 outta those 9 times the motive will be positive.

glass half empty, half full kind of thing..