Tuesday, March 19, 2013

so much stuff happens, and i want to blog about it, but i'm soooo lazy too.
and then when i actually get to bloggin, the stuff is already old news.. or doesnt fit in chronologically. 

lol. but anyway.... i broke my iphone like 2 weeks ago finalllyyyyyyy got a new one today.
and i realized how many people actually fuck with me!
i was sincerely surprised! lol.
i didnt have any numbers so i couldnt text anyone, and i thought my phone was gonna be dry, but all the people i fuck with have hit me up between these 2 weeks. 

uhhhhh went to sxsw this year. like it was unreal. too real for words. like i just want to give a full out detailed summary of each day. i dont wanna relive it again cause its gonna make me sad that its over.
but i had a great time, met great people, partied every single day, and when i say "party", i mean likeeeee partyyyyyy. it was wild. like damnnn, i'm starting to reminisce. got so much free stuff! ya'll know i love free stuff. my only L, was that i couldnt take pictures. smh. cause i was using my old nokia, and there was no way in hellll i was gonna pull that out anywhere. lol. so you can check our instagrams and shittttt. @trixieb_ @nicolejoe @toe_kayy @lodie_doddy. 
this spring break was a teaser of summer 2k13. 
planning a trip to vegas as we speak!

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