Monday, March 11, 2013

people dont get me.

..half the time i dont get myself.
people dont understand me.
they dont understand why i'm so confident, or why i think so highly of myself...
like i'm supposed to have low self esteem or something! lol.
i admit sometimes i come off a bit egotistical and narcissistic only cause i havent quite defined the line between confident and cocky, but hey, i'll admit that freely. thats one of my faults.
another reason i'm so confident in myself is cause i know my strengths and my weaknesses.
like nobody can tell me anything about myself that i dont already know. lol.
i swear once you start being real with yourself, you become happy, even though people around you wont get it you will.
and i came to all these realizations at a young age, so i was always pretty content with myself. was just recently i started realizing people dont get the fact that i'm this way.. cause even outta high school i knew i was the shit, then i started making a name for myself in college, its like people around me make a big deal of it, but i honestly i wouldnt expect any less of myself.
i have high expectations on life, and i'm not the type of person that thinks things will just fall into your lap.
the world dont work that way, you have to put some effort in.

i'm just so annoyed by people.
like i wish people would not focus so hard on what i'm doing and try to do their own thing.
i swear its not that hard.
just speak it into existence or try, try again.
thats all i do.

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