Friday, March 29, 2013

so proud of Jeremiah and EJ for crossing alpha last night.
ya'll know what that means right?!
i get into all the alpha parties freeeeeeeeee! lol.
no but really, i was on the side watching and i was just soooo proud. 
like a proud mom, watching her son become a man.
its all weird and stuff, but i knew he was so happy. and that made me even happier.
i lowkey was a tad liver than he was. hahahahaa.
just glad its over so now i can stop lying to people when they ask me when Jeremiah is. lol.
oh yea, and i met my future husband last night. but thats for another blog post. ; )))))))

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

look at pharrell though, that guy doesnt age!

watch TI dance too.
sexy, sexy.

this boy told me he wanted to give me the world.

...i've learned to take everything said by a dude with grain of salt.

Friday, March 22, 2013

updated bucketlist.

  • go to atleast 5 rockets games. GSW, 3/16  4 more.
  • go skydiving.
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. SXSW. well actually its a music festival, so they were pretty much all concerts, i'll just count it as 1. 2 more.
  • dine and dash.
  • run in a marathon.

my bucket list this year is short.... can i still add stuff on here??
honestly nothing seems that challenging to me anymore.
maybe i should put "get a job". lmao, now that is a difficult task. 
lololol. i need some more ideas! give me some more ideas.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

so much stuff happens, and i want to blog about it, but i'm soooo lazy too.
and then when i actually get to bloggin, the stuff is already old news.. or doesnt fit in chronologically. 

lol. but anyway.... i broke my iphone like 2 weeks ago finalllyyyyyyy got a new one today.
and i realized how many people actually fuck with me!
i was sincerely surprised! lol.
i didnt have any numbers so i couldnt text anyone, and i thought my phone was gonna be dry, but all the people i fuck with have hit me up between these 2 weeks. 

uhhhhh went to sxsw this year. like it was unreal. too real for words. like i just want to give a full out detailed summary of each day. i dont wanna relive it again cause its gonna make me sad that its over.
but i had a great time, met great people, partied every single day, and when i say "party", i mean likeeeee partyyyyyy. it was wild. like damnnn, i'm starting to reminisce. got so much free stuff! ya'll know i love free stuff. my only L, was that i couldnt take pictures. smh. cause i was using my old nokia, and there was no way in hellll i was gonna pull that out anywhere. lol. so you can check our instagrams and shittttt. @trixieb_ @nicolejoe @toe_kayy @lodie_doddy. 
this spring break was a teaser of summer 2k13. 
planning a trip to vegas as we speak!

Monday, March 11, 2013

people dont get me.

..half the time i dont get myself.
people dont understand me.
they dont understand why i'm so confident, or why i think so highly of myself...
like i'm supposed to have low self esteem or something! lol.
i admit sometimes i come off a bit egotistical and narcissistic only cause i havent quite defined the line between confident and cocky, but hey, i'll admit that freely. thats one of my faults.
another reason i'm so confident in myself is cause i know my strengths and my weaknesses.
like nobody can tell me anything about myself that i dont already know. lol.
i swear once you start being real with yourself, you become happy, even though people around you wont get it you will.
and i came to all these realizations at a young age, so i was always pretty content with myself. was just recently i started realizing people dont get the fact that i'm this way.. cause even outta high school i knew i was the shit, then i started making a name for myself in college, its like people around me make a big deal of it, but i honestly i wouldnt expect any less of myself.
i have high expectations on life, and i'm not the type of person that thinks things will just fall into your lap.
the world dont work that way, you have to put some effort in.

i'm just so annoyed by people.
like i wish people would not focus so hard on what i'm doing and try to do their own thing.
i swear its not that hard.
just speak it into existence or try, try again.
thats all i do.