Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i'm back.... -_-

i have anxiety issues.
seperation issues.
trust issues....
its usually ok because i'm always out, always doing something.
but when i'm not i start getting anxious.
i thought i felt better. but i'm stressed.
thats what it is...
i had a test today, i'm taking 2 tests friday...
but something else is wrong, i feel it but i dont know what it is.
i guess i'll just sleep it off.
i hate being alone... but i feel like i'm always alone.
today has just not been my day.
i want some indian food.
i have a lunch date on friday.
i asked him out, but i'm making him pay of course.
wow. that just cheered me up! 
ahahahaaa. its amazing.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

one thing that really pisses me off is when people are racially ignorant.
like with all my heart it pisses me off!
its 2013, there is no reason why you should be racist, or uneducated about other people's culture.
it really irks me how people still make a big deal about race, or feel uncomfortable when surrounded by other races.
its so annoying, i wish everyone were color blind so the world would be more accepting of others.
ya'll know i love the swirl, interracial dating, learning about other peoples' culture, and whatnot.
we gotta learn how to see people's character rather than skin tone or ethnic background.

how i feel when i start thinking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my allstar weekend experience. (5 stars)

i say this in the most humblest way possible, but its really nothing to a boss.
like, i didnt expect any less of myself.
it was amazing. the WHOLE weekend.
like beyond amazing, definitely topped the drake after party, when we were partying with Drake, Waka Flocka, and J. Cole. topped the night 10 times overrrrrrrr.
didnt take as many pics, cause i still have this wack ass 3Gs and the camera sucks, and it has no flash, so most of my pics in the club are boo boo, but nonetheless, i was there, and i experienced it with my niggas so thats all that matters.

a glimpse of our weekend......
me nicole and awet before the KD party, fun night, we made sooooo much money! hahaha. (insider)
 the replacement trio.
VIP at the diddy party with Bria.
 i was chilling in diddy's section tryna snap pics on the cool. didnt want to seem like a fan, even though i was DYINGGGGG inside.
 Quincy, diddy's son.
 I wanted to take a selfie with him but... I have a 3Gs. I'm too ashamed. lol.
we he walked in.
 it was only right we pregame with ciroc. hahahaaa.
 courtside at the D League Allstar game. funny story, I was actually sitting with the team owners. like real owners of real NBA teams! i mean, it was the D league, but thats still live. I even got this guy's business card! He owners the Idaho stampede! you shouldve seen the way my eyes lit up. lol.
I didnt know when you sit courtside at games they cater to you.. and they give you free food, like as much as you want! lol. i only got a pretzel, but man i thought that was live.

 me and blake chilling.
 ghetto posing at the jam session. ahahahahaa.
living lavish at hotel derek. 

 me and awet tryna get at ya bish!
i look so grown! 
at RA on valentines day.
 courtside at the Celebrity allstar game! Clyde Drexler came over to give me a high five!!!
 common and maya moore!
 little ass Kevin Hart! he is so funny, and so miniature!
 Swizz Beats, Bu Thiam, T.O, and Chris Brown all at Diddy's party.

nicole and awet's picstitches, they got one of the hundreds diddy threw and diddy gave nicole a ciroc bottle.
diddy's party was the livest party i've ever been too. 
he was soooooo live and he kept throwing money into the crowd!
not 1s but 100s!
yes hundred dollar bills! at least 20!
everyone i came with got atleast 1, and one girl got $400.
its gonna be soooooo hard to top that night and party!
I dont want it to be over, ughhhhhhhh. man i'm ready to turn up again.
spring break is in a couple of weeks so i guess the turn up is near!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

my logic.

i try to speak less.
that way when i do speak you will remember everything i say.
i speak less, cause a lot of bullshit comes out of my mouth.
thats the only way to filter myself.
i try to be a more calmed down, refined version of myself.
i think its working.
i want people to see me for who i am... but i dont want who i am to be a loud, obnoxious, blunt girl.
so i speak less.
not like i'm suppressing who i really am, but i think i'm doing a good thing.
its growth. i think.. atleast thats my logic.

i just want to hug them, and kiss them. and hug them some more!

Friday, February 8, 2013

pike glow 2013!

it was like a juve for white people, all of them were soaked with paint.
i stayed away from the paint cause i was not tryna get it in my hair. lol. 
it was really fun though, i love partying with white people, especially the frats.
theyre so carefree and know how to show a sister a good time!
and i found $25 dollars on the floor last night too, hollaaaaaaaa!; ))

i lowkey started tearing up too. i cant wait to be a mom!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

i look so much like my dad its crazy.

last week, this boy confessed his love for me via text... he was high though. -_-
i told him he has to smoke me out atleast 3 times before i would talk to him. 
he said okay. -__- 
my daddy always told me to carry myself well, so i would attract the same people.
boys are so fucking stupid. 
i should make him be my valentine and buy me shit huh?? lol.
i thought about him but i dont wanna lead him on. hahhaaaha.

Bria said she would be my valentine, ; ))
which is awesome, cause i know she gonna go all out for a nigga.
i cant wait!