Saturday, January 5, 2013

my parents wont let me go back to my apartment.
likeeeeeee how old am i??
i'm 21, i'm grown!
i should be able to go and come as I please.
but james is at his apartment, my sisters go back to school on monday, even though i start on the 14th, i'm no longer needed in my house! i need to get out of here!
like its killing me!
lol. i  didnt even bring enough clothes.
and i miss going to the gym and staying up till 4am watching tv.
and being able to go and come as I please....
like i need my freedom. i'm seriously gonna go crazy.
one more week here will kill me!!
ok it wont, but damn i miss my apartment. 
i've been at my parents house basically the whole break, whereas my brother came one day before christmas and left the day after christmas, came to church service for new years then went back to his apartment that same day!
its not fair.

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