Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i want to sell drugs for a week.
just cause...
i've been listening to channel orange on repeat for the past 2 days..
i hate to say it, cause its so cliche, but it really gets me in my feelings!
not like all these simple minded people that listen to Drake and start boo hooing, but it makes me wonder, it makes me think.
it evokes feelings in me and i dont understand where they come from..
its weird.
i wonder a lot lately.
about life.
i feel like i'm in a bubble, and the only way for me to get out of the bubble is to literally get out of the bubble.
it all makes sense in my head....
uhmmm like, i feel constrained, but i'm not really constrained, i can do whatever i want, but i think i cant..
like i'm putting limitations on myself, that i dont really have to, because i dont have to limit myself to anything cause this is a free world..
like i'm confused between reality and fantasy.
either one i could pursue but my mind is telling me to be realistic, stick to reality..
but fantasy is just a will away...

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