Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"stay gold ponyboy"

something people dont know about me is i'm a huge movie buff!
i love to watch movies, all types, well except horror movies.
they give me nightmares.
and mysteries too. but every other type of movie, i love to watch.
i'd rather watch a good movie then go out on a saturday night.
thats how real it gets. lol.
i've never met someone who shared my love for movies.
i dont even analyze, or dissect it, i'm not into film like that, i just love to watch and be entertained.
i've noticed that sundance films are usually better than the blockbuster hits.
usually an A list cast, without all the publicity and multimillion dollar budget, of a movie that premiered in a theater.
i just finished watching the outsiders.
its one of my favorite books, but i've never seen the movie till now.
i used to be in ISS (in school suspension) a lot when i was in middle school, so i had wayyyy too much time on my hands, so i read lots of books, and the outsiders was one of the first books i read.
&& i loved it, then in like 8th grade we had it as assigned reading, so i reread it, and analyzed, and annotated and that other bullshit, that i neverrrrr everrrrr used in life.
jk, i do use some of it. i'm actually a pretty good writer.
my blog doesnt count, its meant to be very informal.
i'm rambling... lol.
but anyway, yea i like movies.
so yea, hit me up if you ever need a good movie to watch, i could suggest something. 

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