Sunday, December 2, 2012

like.. i swear i need my own reality show.

no one understands the shit i go through everyday. 
always something crazy, && when i try to retell it people think i'm gassing, or over exaggerating,
but i swear shit like this cant be made up.
like... i'm so done with boys!
i'm really ready to throw in the towel. :/
all guys are the same. 
no of them are different.
they all suck ass.
every last single one of them.
&& here i go thinking, "he's white, he's differrent.."
well boy was i wronggggggggggggg.
men are men.
&& natural born assholes.
ya'll wont believe this shit i went through with this dude last night.
like i was drunk, but i remember everything..
ugh.. i dont want to talk about it anymore.
just know, i'm not fucking with anybody, anymore, white, black, brown, puerto rican or hatian.
i'm done.

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