Sunday, December 16, 2012

I resent when people say I "use" people.

like I resent  it a lot. 
like it really makes me upset.
and I'm thinking to myself, trying to figure out why...
I cant. lol.
and then i was like oh shit maybe its cause i'm manipulative..
maybe this sounds retarded, idk, but i dont feel like manipulation is using someone though.
to me, its more of a challenge, a guilty pleasure, getting someone to do what you want...
that makes me feel good. idk about ya'll.
but "using" someone, smh! such a negative connotation.
thats basically saying, i'm solely benefiting from a person, while they dont realize it.
and i would never do that! ...intentionally.
so one of my really good friends, actually one of the only people in the world i can trust, his mom works at the toyota center, and he's taken me to a couple of Rockets games.
So when i told my brother he got mad, and was like "you just be using people.. blah blah blah.. yadda yadda.."
and it really pissed me off.
like he's my friend, and if i wanna go to rockets' games, and he's willing to take me, then whats the big deal??
not like i ask him to go to every game.
i dont use people.
i would do much more for people than they would do for me, so even if it is considered using, then it would be reciprocal. 
just dont ever say that shit to me. 
cause i'll box you.

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