Friday, December 28, 2012

i have a crush.

on a boy.
he's not even my type.
he's regular.
nothing really outstanding or special about him.
but for some reason i like him.
he's a nice dude.. i cant explain it. lol.
i was texting nicole yesterday, giving her a hard time cause she has a date.
she told me i was "bitter", and had "bad luck with guys".
hahahaa. i dont think i have bad luck with guys, actually i think i have pretty good luck with guys... well at first.
but i do admit i'm a bit bitter. about a lot of things though...
after the last guy i was talking to.. smh.
i just really gave up on guys.
i'm surprised i have a crush on this guy!
like very surprised.
but shit happens.
its the hormones.

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