Sunday, November 4, 2012

Project Trix!

the only picture i have of the kickback. i was too gone to take pictures.
 my young buck nicole.
 i was too drunk here. lol.
 this was a genuine ass laugh. hahaa.
 awet. < 3
 myspace pose.
 killuh Cami C
turn up fest.
loddie doddie.

all in all project Trix was a success!
I was so drunk && happy. all my friends were drunk, it was a good time.
it started off rocky though, cause most of my friends told me they werent coming at the last minute, like while i driving to austin last minute. -_-
and to make matters worse all my connects in austin weren't in austin this weekend. 
like every single one! 
i was a bit dissapointed but then i was like fuck it, yolo, the show must go on.
saturday night we all turned up, got ratchet, and screamed "WESTTTTTT!" in random people's faces on 6th St., it was a jolly good ole time.
awet bought me an "adios motherfucker" at this live ass bar called Peckerheads. like that shit threw a nigga over the edge. it was so smooth but i saw them make it && they put a lot of liquor in it. 
&& they told everyone it was my 21st and this white guy started humping me. 
lmao. it was so funny.
i love white people.
i love austin.
i love my friends.
i love everclear.
we had so much fun, we're planning to go back after finals. 
i'll be 21 in 8 days, and on the cool i'm gonna have another celebration between now and then. 
i mean why not?!

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