Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm selfish... and I perfectly fine being that way.
and I dont want to change.
I come before all of you peasants.

but I love everyone && respect everyone...
but I come first.
I dont think that makes me a bad person, a selfish person maybe... but not a bad person.
cause I dont do it with malice... but then again my selfishness hurts people sometimes...
maybe not hurts them but annoys/agitates/aggravates them.
I'm like good && evil at the same time... mostly good though. lol.
like sometimes, I feel like I'm still in that 5 year old me, me, me phase... but idk.. maybe i'm over analyzing it.
this boy told me i was selfish today. 
I mean, I've heard it before but hearing it from him... 
i totally forgot where I was going with this, and if you read carefully, you can see I was proud about being selfish, and now I'm not feeling being selfish anymore. 
lol. so much goes through my head when i'm blogging..
maybe ya'll can analyze me.
or make a fund to pay for a therapist for me...
am i crazy?? 
i'm just tired, rambling... man goodnight.
aaron's taking me on a date to the strip club. lmao.
(it was my idea, not his.)

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