Sunday, November 25, 2012

all is right in the world... ok not really, but whatevs..

i dont even wanna tell ya'll about my black friday struggle, like, it was a hugeeeeee force.
&& i'll probably never do it again. unless there was something i really wanted.
but i did purchase a new camera, not the one i wanted but i got it for a good price so i'm not tripping too much.
i miss having a camera, ya'll know i love to snap candid shots of everything.
i can add some liveliness to my blog.
maybe.. lol.
sooo... there's this guy.
ahhhhhh. there's always a guy.
not really, but whatevs. hhahaa.
he likes to get me drunk, but i like for him to get me drunk. ; )
ohkay, thats enough.
my family is great.
i love them more than ever.
my dad gave me $300 for my birthday, i was tryna get $500 but you know $300 will do. 
i was tryna squeeze the other $200 out of my mom, but ya'll know how Nikki be with money. -__-
finals are coming up.. i'm actually in the library now, attempting to study...
but i gotta finish this semester strong, gotta grind it out so i can go to NYC for NYE.
me && lindsey went to this indian spot yesterday, and their food was fantabulous!!
i had the leftovers, today after church && i slept for 3 hours. lol.
but uhmm.. yea, i got to get back to studying..
ya'll pray for a young trap goddes$$. 
hahhaa! i be giving myself the trillest nicknames... and i always put young in front of it.
i'm a trip.

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