Monday, November 12, 2012

a young vicelord is finally 21 doe!

today was a great day! lol.
i never really have good birthdays so i'm so i'm like extraaaa excited that today went so well!
MARK, my right hand got me tickets to the Rockets vs Heat game tonight && it was sooooo live. even though rockets lost, it was a close game down to the last minute.
When we were leaving we saw Johnny the Jeweler, he's like 5 foot even. lmao.
he wished me happy birthday, && Udonis Haslem gave me his towel as he was walking in the tunnel.hahahha!
just another celebrity towel to add to my collection. ; ))
all in all today was a good day... everyone showed me love..
well most people did.
its true, you wont remember everyone who wishes you a happy birthday, but you will remember everyone who doesnt.
&& i have taken note. -___-
man, what a day.
my husband has to be a season ticket holder, i will put that in our vows!
i love going to games. lol.
&& this boy i met last week wanted to take me out today but i already had plans to go to the game, so we're going out friday.
friends showing love, heat game, and a date?? 
this birthday cant get any better!
it was so cute how he asked too. he was like "well i'm gonna buy you your first legal drink!"
&& then i was like... "whaaaaa?"
i just met him last week at the UH basketball game, we talked a little, saw him while i was tailgating saturday && he got my number and we've been talking since but i thought he was just being friendly... i didnt realize he pulled me though. O_o 
cause he's white. 
anyway i'm excited about that. he's a sports fanatic && he has baby blue eyes. ; ))
i can finally buy my own liquor now. ayeeeeeeeee.

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