Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a little souvenir i picked up last night!

times like this i'm really mad i dont have a camera!
last night was beyondddd epic.
the definition of "doing hoodrat things with your friends" and i have no pictures of it! ugh!
so last night we snuck into the football stadium, initially to play hide and go seek, but we ended up in the football locker room, in the suites, and in the press box.
we stole maddddddd shit too.
hahaha. when i say we "snuck" boys climbed over a 10 foot gate to get in that hoe.
yes! i mean the boys helped me, but the fact that i could actually, climb that, WITHOUT breaking anything really impressed me. hahhaa.
we had so much fun, acting like we were spies, 007 in that hoes, and me and sarah being laura croft tomb raider. hahahaa.
omggg. i wish i had pictures. it was so fun!
my friends were paranoid the whole time but thats what made it fun... ya'll know i'm the fearless one.
we spent a good hour in there just being ratchet and running across the field and shit. hahahaha.
omg. i'm writing this thinking about everything just dying laughingggg.
and i signed my name in the boys' locker room... half of them know who i am so theyre gonna be like wtf?? lol.
ok, so anyway when we were finallllyyyy ready to go, the cops were situated by the exit where my friend parked. and we were like fuckkkkkkkkk we got caught. 
but i noticed the cops were just talking to each other, patrolling and stuff. they didnt know we were in there.
everyone was freaking out but i was like lets devise a plan! cause the boys wanted to just wait it out till the cops left, but i mean who knew how long that would be...
so I made a plan, && we had to go allllll the way around to the other side of the stadium get out, then Xavier/Denzel (same person) would bring the car around.
we all had stolen chairs from the suites, or the locker room so we had to lug those as quietly as we could with us to the other side of the stadium. lol.
so we're all trying to be covert and stuff, now everyone is paranoid cause we think we hear people's voices on the inside.
once we're on the other side.. we turn around a see the lights are now on in the press box, where we were just 10 minutes ago, and then we really start flipping out. hahaha. 
i thought we were caught but no one was up there!
it was so weird, maybe they turn on automatically or something, but like at 12am?? i doubt it.
so anyway, we sneak back out, it was scary as hell for me cause those gates were really tall, and now my nerves were really bad, and i almost had a panic attack..but Denzel helped me out that hoe && then everybody else came.. and mannnnn!
we were so hype, full of pure adrenaline, so we decided to play ding dong ditch in the quads.
hahaha. good times.
that night was epic.. i would do it again in a heartbeat!

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