Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm selfish... and I perfectly fine being that way.
and I dont want to change.
I come before all of you peasants.

but I love everyone && respect everyone...
but I come first.
I dont think that makes me a bad person, a selfish person maybe... but not a bad person.
cause I dont do it with malice... but then again my selfishness hurts people sometimes...
maybe not hurts them but annoys/agitates/aggravates them.
I'm like good && evil at the same time... mostly good though. lol.
like sometimes, I feel like I'm still in that 5 year old me, me, me phase... but idk.. maybe i'm over analyzing it.
this boy told me i was selfish today. 
I mean, I've heard it before but hearing it from him... 
i totally forgot where I was going with this, and if you read carefully, you can see I was proud about being selfish, and now I'm not feeling being selfish anymore. 
lol. so much goes through my head when i'm blogging..
maybe ya'll can analyze me.
or make a fund to pay for a therapist for me...
am i crazy?? 
i'm just tired, rambling... man goodnight.
aaron's taking me on a date to the strip club. lmao.
(it was my idea, not his.)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

all is right in the world... ok not really, but whatevs..

i dont even wanna tell ya'll about my black friday struggle, like, it was a hugeeeeee force.
&& i'll probably never do it again. unless there was something i really wanted.
but i did purchase a new camera, not the one i wanted but i got it for a good price so i'm not tripping too much.
i miss having a camera, ya'll know i love to snap candid shots of everything.
i can add some liveliness to my blog.
maybe.. lol.
sooo... there's this guy.
ahhhhhh. there's always a guy.
not really, but whatevs. hhahaa.
he likes to get me drunk, but i like for him to get me drunk. ; )
ohkay, thats enough.
my family is great.
i love them more than ever.
my dad gave me $300 for my birthday, i was tryna get $500 but you know $300 will do. 
i was tryna squeeze the other $200 out of my mom, but ya'll know how Nikki be with money. -__-
finals are coming up.. i'm actually in the library now, attempting to study...
but i gotta finish this semester strong, gotta grind it out so i can go to NYC for NYE.
me && lindsey went to this indian spot yesterday, and their food was fantabulous!!
i had the leftovers, today after church && i slept for 3 hours. lol.
but uhmm.. yea, i got to get back to studying..
ya'll pray for a young trap goddes$$. 
hahhaa! i be giving myself the trillest nicknames... and i always put young in front of it.
i'm a trip.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

everytime i come around for the holidays my parents ask when i'm bringing a guy home..
shitttttttt, i'm wondering the same thing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


2012 Bucketlist.

  • take a roadtrip. (in && out of state)
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. 
  • get into a 21 && up club. 
  • go to a gun range.
  • sleep on a roof.
  • audition for the Real World.
  • get my nipple repeirced.
  • consume weed brownies
  • hide && seek in the stadium.
  • a little souvenir i picked up last night!

    times like this i'm really mad i dont have a camera!
    last night was beyondddd epic.
    the definition of "doing hoodrat things with your friends" and i have no pictures of it! ugh!
    so last night we snuck into the football stadium, initially to play hide and go seek, but we ended up in the football locker room, in the suites, and in the press box.
    we stole maddddddd shit too.
    hahaha. when i say we "snuck" boys climbed over a 10 foot gate to get in that hoe.
    yes! i mean the boys helped me, but the fact that i could actually, climb that, WITHOUT breaking anything really impressed me. hahhaa.
    we had so much fun, acting like we were spies, 007 in that hoes, and me and sarah being laura croft tomb raider. hahahaa.
    omggg. i wish i had pictures. it was so fun!
    my friends were paranoid the whole time but thats what made it fun... ya'll know i'm the fearless one.
    we spent a good hour in there just being ratchet and running across the field and shit. hahahaha.
    omg. i'm writing this thinking about everything just dying laughingggg.
    and i signed my name in the boys' locker room... half of them know who i am so theyre gonna be like wtf?? lol.
    ok, so anyway when we were finallllyyyy ready to go, the cops were situated by the exit where my friend parked. and we were like fuckkkkkkkkk we got caught. 
    but i noticed the cops were just talking to each other, patrolling and stuff. they didnt know we were in there.
    everyone was freaking out but i was like lets devise a plan! cause the boys wanted to just wait it out till the cops left, but i mean who knew how long that would be...
    so I made a plan, && we had to go allllll the way around to the other side of the stadium get out, then Xavier/Denzel (same person) would bring the car around.
    we all had stolen chairs from the suites, or the locker room so we had to lug those as quietly as we could with us to the other side of the stadium. lol.
    so we're all trying to be covert and stuff, now everyone is paranoid cause we think we hear people's voices on the inside.
    once we're on the other side.. we turn around a see the lights are now on in the press box, where we were just 10 minutes ago, and then we really start flipping out. hahaha. 
    i thought we were caught but no one was up there!
    it was so weird, maybe they turn on automatically or something, but like at 12am?? i doubt it.
    so anyway, we sneak back out, it was scary as hell for me cause those gates were really tall, and now my nerves were really bad, and i almost had a panic attack..but Denzel helped me out that hoe && then everybody else came.. and mannnnn!
    we were so hype, full of pure adrenaline, so we decided to play ding dong ditch in the quads.
    hahaha. good times.
    that night was epic.. i would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Thursday, November 15, 2012

    a poem by Logan.

    Times like this I often want to relapse
    The past is just so awesome in lust with the past tense
    Bought fought sought taught and what not
    Take this long cock of retrospective thought
    Open your legs its a way for me to steal your heart
    Virginity’s nothing to me it’s gone before we start
    Two becomes one when we lay beneath the sun
    An eclectic state of mental infatuation
    My hearts’s racing from your stimulation
    And oh if you only knew

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012


    I got high... I was high, and high was me..

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    a young vicelord is finally 21 doe!

    today was a great day! lol.
    i never really have good birthdays so i'm so i'm like extraaaa excited that today went so well!
    MARK, my right hand got me tickets to the Rockets vs Heat game tonight && it was sooooo live. even though rockets lost, it was a close game down to the last minute.
    When we were leaving we saw Johnny the Jeweler, he's like 5 foot even. lmao.
    he wished me happy birthday, && Udonis Haslem gave me his towel as he was walking in the tunnel.hahahha!
    just another celebrity towel to add to my collection. ; ))
    all in all today was a good day... everyone showed me love..
    well most people did.
    its true, you wont remember everyone who wishes you a happy birthday, but you will remember everyone who doesnt.
    && i have taken note. -___-
    man, what a day.
    my husband has to be a season ticket holder, i will put that in our vows!
    i love going to games. lol.
    && this boy i met last week wanted to take me out today but i already had plans to go to the game, so we're going out friday.
    friends showing love, heat game, and a date?? 
    this birthday cant get any better!
    it was so cute how he asked too. he was like "well i'm gonna buy you your first legal drink!"
    && then i was like... "whaaaaa?"
    i just met him last week at the UH basketball game, we talked a little, saw him while i was tailgating saturday && he got my number and we've been talking since but i thought he was just being friendly... i didnt realize he pulled me though. O_o 
    cause he's white. 
    anyway i'm excited about that. he's a sports fanatic && he has baby blue eyes. ; ))
    i can finally buy my own liquor now. ayeeeeeeeee.

    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    the day i fell in love was the worst day of my life..

    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    this is how i see the election...

    Project Trix!

    the only picture i have of the kickback. i was too gone to take pictures.
     my young buck nicole.
     i was too drunk here. lol.
     this was a genuine ass laugh. hahaa.
     awet. < 3
     myspace pose.
     killuh Cami C
    turn up fest.
    loddie doddie.

    all in all project Trix was a success!
    I was so drunk && happy. all my friends were drunk, it was a good time.
    it started off rocky though, cause most of my friends told me they werent coming at the last minute, like while i driving to austin last minute. -_-
    and to make matters worse all my connects in austin weren't in austin this weekend. 
    like every single one! 
    i was a bit dissapointed but then i was like fuck it, yolo, the show must go on.
    saturday night we all turned up, got ratchet, and screamed "WESTTTTTT!" in random people's faces on 6th St., it was a jolly good ole time.
    awet bought me an "adios motherfucker" at this live ass bar called Peckerheads. like that shit threw a nigga over the edge. it was so smooth but i saw them make it && they put a lot of liquor in it. 
    && they told everyone it was my 21st and this white guy started humping me. 
    lmao. it was so funny.
    i love white people.
    i love austin.
    i love my friends.
    i love everclear.
    we had so much fun, we're planning to go back after finals. 
    i'll be 21 in 8 days, and on the cool i'm gonna have another celebration between now and then. 
    i mean why not?!

    on the cool..