Saturday, October 20, 2012

when i get bored, i overthink...
i overanalyze.
i do spontaneous stuff that i regret when i come to my senses.
i dont like being alone.
i realized that.... i rather be surrounded by people.
i think i'm obsessed with.... someone.
well honestly i know i'm not but ya'll might think i am by my actions.
but i swear i'm not lol.
i just miss him... a lot.
i miss our friendship... a lot.
i always think about what will transpire when i see him again.
i know i will... i always see him.
its not really obsessed cause i dont like him... i just miss him.
or maybe i miss myself.. i mean life was much simpler back then.
this is that overanalyzation shit i was talking about...
tomorrow i'm gonna be like fuck that nigga. hahahha.
well not really. i do miss him but gahhhleeee... does this count as being in my feelings??
i wouldnt even know.. i've learned to suppress my feelings.. well for the most part.
mannn i dont know. .....i dont even know.

my birthday is going up... i'm excited about that.

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