Friday, October 26, 2012

project triX.

i figure since everything is coming together nicely, i'd go ahead a elaborate.
ya'll know when i do stuff i like to do it all out.
soooooo... my birthday is coming up && i'm going all out. 
i mean why not?? its my 21st.
ok. i was planning to go all out, like on a big scale.
but now i'm going out on a smaller scale still going all out though.
i'm really excited.
my original plan was to rent out a lake house on lake travis, invite all my friends down, throw a rager and but fucked up the whole time!
lol. but nobody was tryna put in on the lake house. it was like $700 && i definitely wasnt gonna pay all that buy myself... && when i finally did find an affordable lakehouse the owner cancelled on me right when i was trying to pay for it.
she hoe'd the helllll outta me. too tuff, i almost started crying! lol.
so i just booked a hotel suite.. i mean, still original plans just on a smaller scale.
my sugar daddy just gave me $300 today.
i'm literally gonna buy $200 worth of liquor. lol.
&& use the rest for food.
all my friends are coming down, we're gonna have a kickback and get fucked up all weekend.
ahhhhh!! i'm so excited. 
cant wait most of my yaggas coming down. its gonna be epicccc!!!
nicole's gonna get me a cake like this! 

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