Tuesday, October 2, 2012


isnt it so cliche how people think and talk about their "destiny"..
like its real. but we dont think about it how it should be thought about...
if that makes any sense.
i'm at that age where excuses are irrelevant to me.
if i want something, i'll do it.
if i need something, i'll get.
i mean i always had this mindset, but now its onto bigger and better things.
im broadening my horizons.
like no one really understands this, but the sky is the limit.
we're given so much opportunity to MAKE things happen.
not to sit around and wait for an out miraculous opportunity to slap us in the face.
cause there's like a 1 in a million chance that that will happen.
i make a lot of shit happen. 
but that was little stuff... i'm off trying to climb that social ladder.
now all i'm worried about if career wise.. i gotta make that happen for real.
my gpa might not be the highest but my drive, charm, and manipulative ways will take me everywhere i need to go in life.lol.
its true.
atleast i hope its true.
i just hate to see people do the average.. live life, just to live life.
existing really, not living.
we can make our own destiny.
i think that sounds a little far fetched too people, so they just live a mediocre life.
but i realized that at a younger age, and now i have all this space and opportunity to actually make something happen.
literally, something out of nothing... 
i hope i dont fail myself.

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