Friday, October 26, 2012

"honered" his words not mine. lol.

i got power over the bitches. ; ))

project triX.

i figure since everything is coming together nicely, i'd go ahead a elaborate.
ya'll know when i do stuff i like to do it all out.
soooooo... my birthday is coming up && i'm going all out. 
i mean why not?? its my 21st.
ok. i was planning to go all out, like on a big scale.
but now i'm going out on a smaller scale still going all out though.
i'm really excited.
my original plan was to rent out a lake house on lake travis, invite all my friends down, throw a rager and but fucked up the whole time!
lol. but nobody was tryna put in on the lake house. it was like $700 && i definitely wasnt gonna pay all that buy myself... && when i finally did find an affordable lakehouse the owner cancelled on me right when i was trying to pay for it.
she hoe'd the helllll outta me. too tuff, i almost started crying! lol.
so i just booked a hotel suite.. i mean, still original plans just on a smaller scale.
my sugar daddy just gave me $300 today.
i'm literally gonna buy $200 worth of liquor. lol.
&& use the rest for food.
all my friends are coming down, we're gonna have a kickback and get fucked up all weekend.
ahhhhh!! i'm so excited. 
cant wait most of my yaggas coming down. its gonna be epicccc!!!
nicole's gonna get me a cake like this! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

for the most part.

been so caught up in school i forget to blog...

its not like anything interesting has happened anyway.
well i'm still alive...
project triX is next weekend.
i'm uber excited about that...
oh i saw my advisor yesterday, && after semesters of procrastinating..
I've finally decided I'm gonna apply to PV for nursing school.
well i guess i'll apply to other places as well, but I really want to go to PV nursing school.
Its in the med center, so I could stay in houston, && its attainable.. now with a lot of hard work && prayer, hopefully I'll get in.
...that pretty much sums up my week really.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

i be so bored outta my mind. i just be talking shit. smh.
i need a man. or a hobby.
when i get bored, i overthink...
i overanalyze.
i do spontaneous stuff that i regret when i come to my senses.
i dont like being alone.
i realized that.... i rather be surrounded by people.
i think i'm obsessed with.... someone.
well honestly i know i'm not but ya'll might think i am by my actions.
but i swear i'm not lol.
i just miss him... a lot.
i miss our friendship... a lot.
i always think about what will transpire when i see him again.
i know i will... i always see him.
its not really obsessed cause i dont like him... i just miss him.
or maybe i miss myself.. i mean life was much simpler back then.
this is that overanalyzation shit i was talking about...
tomorrow i'm gonna be like fuck that nigga. hahahha.
well not really. i do miss him but gahhhleeee... does this count as being in my feelings??
i wouldnt even know.. i've learned to suppress my feelings.. well for the most part.
mannn i dont know. .....i dont even know.

my birthday is going up... i'm excited about that.

Friday, October 19, 2012

lazy love..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

i'm so in love with this man.


all my guy friends are boo'd up.
and they dont like to hang with me anymore.
like... this sucks.
i expected this from females, but not dudes!
2 of the girlfriends see me as "a threat" to their relationships.... && i'm just like whaaaaaaaaaaaa?? O_o
me, a whole me?! threatening somebody's relationship?!
its not even in my character. 
lol. but i guess its time to give them their space.
boy i tell ya, its hard out here for a pimp.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

i'm texting Jake right now.
i feel like... like christmas morning.
like christmas morning when you already snuck a peek at what your gifts are && rewrapped them back perfectly, but now you can actually open them up, and play with them, and use them, and call all your friends and tell them what you got for christmas.
yea... i feel like that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i dont like shy people...

i dont like people who are overly sensitive.
i dont like people who are underwhelmed by my presence.
i dont like complainers.
i dont like people who are stingy.
i dont like people that try to pressure me.
i dont like unambitious people.
i dont like people who dont reciprocate the love i give them.
i dont like people who throw themselves pity parties.
i dont like ratchets.
i dont like dallas people, who are country and pronounce simple words wrong.
i dont like people who look down on others.
i dont like people who always say that theyre independent.
i dont like people who have ANYTHING negative to say about Michael Joseph Jackson.
i dont like people who are satisfied with the life they lead.
i dont like people who are self conscious.
i dont like people who dont trust me.
i dont like people who are nonchalant.

...thats all i can think of right now.

food for thought.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a short film by alvin && his brother.

he thinks hes all hot shit now cause he got
my token asian. < 3

Friday, October 5, 2012

i'm so broke right now it doesnt even make sense. :/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


isnt it so cliche how people think and talk about their "destiny"..
like its real. but we dont think about it how it should be thought about...
if that makes any sense.
i'm at that age where excuses are irrelevant to me.
if i want something, i'll do it.
if i need something, i'll get.
i mean i always had this mindset, but now its onto bigger and better things.
im broadening my horizons.
like no one really understands this, but the sky is the limit.
we're given so much opportunity to MAKE things happen.
not to sit around and wait for an out miraculous opportunity to slap us in the face.
cause there's like a 1 in a million chance that that will happen.
i make a lot of shit happen. 
but that was little stuff... i'm off trying to climb that social ladder.
now all i'm worried about if career wise.. i gotta make that happen for real.
my gpa might not be the highest but my drive, charm, and manipulative ways will take me everywhere i need to go in
its true.
atleast i hope its true.
i just hate to see people do the average.. live life, just to live life.
existing really, not living.
we can make our own destiny.
i think that sounds a little far fetched too people, so they just live a mediocre life.
but i realized that at a younger age, and now i have all this space and opportunity to actually make something happen.
literally, something out of nothing... 
i hope i dont fail myself.