Sunday, September 9, 2012

"sooo.. do you like still do photography??"

a question i get all the time.
i just be like ughhhh dont remind me.
soooo, long story short. i had 3 cameras.
my canon G5, my baby, my first love, my camera through thick && thin, my canon powershot, my compact camera that i took with me everywhere && and my canon rebel, Jake bought it for me last christmas..
so my powershot was in my coach wristlet && i lost it right before thanksgiving break. (the first thing i've EVER lost, had my ids, my debit card, some cash.. smh!) 
i had to retire my G5. i've been rocking with that thing since middle school so its best if i dont use it anymore so it doesnt stop working for good. its been through alot
I sold the rebel, frankly cause i wanted the cash. i forgot what i even bought but it had to be something good. lol.
so now i'm literally down to no cameras.. well except my iphone camera. lol.
man, i love photography.. really not even photography though just taking pictures.
i just like to capture everything on camera, so i can never forget them.
junior year in high school through my freshman year in college, i doubt i'll ever forget anything that happened throughout that period, mainly because i captured most of it on camera...
i mean i couldve been gotten another camera, but i'd always planned on waiting till black friday so i can get a good deal.
but now i'm getting scared because thats not on the top of my priority list financially anymore.
&& it sucks cause i really want to get a new camera but black friday is like 2 weeks after my birthday && boys got major plans....
i dont know. i'm gonna pimp somebody into buying me a new camera.. lol.
i got the juice.

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