Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'm on a path to enlighten myself.
i dont know where to start first though...
being well cultured && educated about the world, outside of the US is a valuable trait to have..
i feel like i am, but you can never know too much.
i dont want to be a 'typical black person'..
i think people are comfortable being complacent. 
acting like America, is the only country that exists.
I know how I will start,
I'll check out some books from the library.

since i've been in college, havent once checked out one book. lol.

but anyway i'll do a different country every week... ok, maybe every 2 weeks.
i'm excited to start this journey.

i want to learn about different cultures, different religions, different countries..
idk why but all that is so fascinating to me.
world geography was always my favorite subject in high school.
i would love to travel the world, if i wasnt doing nursing, i'd probably find a job where i could just travel, and live like the native people of whatever country i'm in.
not like in the wilderness or anything, but i'd like have a show on TLC, or the Discovery Channel just about how i'm living, and getting immense in another culture.
lol. that would be so tight.
hopefully when i'm older i'll be able to travel more.

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