Saturday, September 15, 2012

i'm on the come up.

I'd just like to testify to how good God has been in my life.
like ya'll dont even understand!
Yesterday, i got the call that I would be interning as a sports photographer for a BIG company.
(i'm keeping it on the DL until i can put out some work.)
but i'd get media credentials so i can actually be ON the field, or ON the court taking pictures.
best part yet.... wait for it..... wait for it.... I'D GET TO GO TO ALL STAR WEEKEND!
like ya'll dont even understand how crucial this is!!
i wont be on the outside looking in, I wont be way up in the nosebleeds, I'd be on the court.
with the players. taking pics.
like isnt God good?!!
but thats next year.... i'm starting first with football. Texans games && college football. 
I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

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