Sunday, September 9, 2012

i forgot to talk about school..

i mean.. school is school.
i'm just tryna work hard... make good grades... make my parents proud... stack some bread.. pimp these hoes.. && be a successful person.
jk. but not really.
i mean.. i'm trusting and believe that God will help me through this semester. because the devil is tryna hold me back!!
so i was supposed to move into my apartment saturday..
on friday they called me && told me i'd have to wait another week because the power wasnt on.
like..... i mean i dont really mind them pushing the date back as long as the apartment is still there in my name....
but this commuting life. like that stuff is not cool.
it took me an hour and a half to get to school one day last week. the school is 30 minutes away from my house..
i was less than 10 minutes away, then i hit a big traffic stop. and had to wait for 45 minutes. like..the devil was tryna make me miss my orgo workshop.
but other than that i'm living life...
like dont judge me, but now i go to happy hour with my friends && we think we're so grown. 
its cause none of us are 21. we're so lame.
hahha. i swear its fun being me.

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