Sunday, September 30, 2012

these were the only "appropriate" photos we took last night. hahaha.

mary lou's birthday.
Zake, then we went bowling at 300.
as you can see some were a little more wasted than others. lol.
we were all on that "functioning drunk" level. goodtimes man, goodtimes.

Friday, September 28, 2012

misery loves company...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

study break.

ya'll know this is my favorite hat lol.

Monday, September 24, 2012

that moment of weakness you have when you feel like everything in the world is moving like a cyclone around you and you can only find comfort in talking to the one person who just happens to be your estranged ex. <<<

as much as i try to fight and deny it, i know where home is. :/

but the crazy thing is its me "holding on" not him anymore.
like... i dont understand.
i mean, i guess its cause we were friend before anything else.
but its been soo long, and soooo much has happened inbetween i just dont know why i'm starting to feel this way now.
it fucking sucks.
its frustrating, cause i dont want to feel this way. but i do.
its cause i'm a girl.

Friday, September 21, 2012

i talk a big game.
&& now its my time to back it up...
everyone will see soon enough.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'm on a path to enlighten myself.
i dont know where to start first though...
being well cultured && educated about the world, outside of the US is a valuable trait to have..
i feel like i am, but you can never know too much.
i dont want to be a 'typical black person'..
i think people are comfortable being complacent. 
acting like America, is the only country that exists.
I know how I will start,
I'll check out some books from the library.

since i've been in college, havent once checked out one book. lol.

but anyway i'll do a different country every week... ok, maybe every 2 weeks.
i'm excited to start this journey.

i want to learn about different cultures, different religions, different countries..
idk why but all that is so fascinating to me.
world geography was always my favorite subject in high school.
i would love to travel the world, if i wasnt doing nursing, i'd probably find a job where i could just travel, and live like the native people of whatever country i'm in.
not like in the wilderness or anything, but i'd like have a show on TLC, or the Discovery Channel just about how i'm living, and getting immense in another culture.
lol. that would be so tight.
hopefully when i'm older i'll be able to travel more.

Monday, September 17, 2012

getting lost tonight..
in my thoughts, not my feelings..
taking this time to figure out some things...
life is going great for me right now, but i'm working on how to make it even better.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

i'm on the come up.

I'd just like to testify to how good God has been in my life.
like ya'll dont even understand!
Yesterday, i got the call that I would be interning as a sports photographer for a BIG company.
(i'm keeping it on the DL until i can put out some work.)
but i'd get media credentials so i can actually be ON the field, or ON the court taking pictures.
best part yet.... wait for it..... wait for it.... I'D GET TO GO TO ALL STAR WEEKEND!
like ya'll dont even understand how crucial this is!!
i wont be on the outside looking in, I wont be way up in the nosebleeds, I'd be on the court.
with the players. taking pics.
like isnt God good?!!
but thats next year.... i'm starting first with football. Texans games && college football. 
I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

lmaooooooooo! the harsh truth. #thugshrug

i forgot to talk about school..

i mean.. school is school.
i'm just tryna work hard... make good grades... make my parents proud... stack some bread.. pimp these hoes.. && be a successful person.
jk. but not really.
i mean.. i'm trusting and believe that God will help me through this semester. because the devil is tryna hold me back!!
so i was supposed to move into my apartment saturday..
on friday they called me && told me i'd have to wait another week because the power wasnt on.
like..... i mean i dont really mind them pushing the date back as long as the apartment is still there in my name....
but this commuting life. like that stuff is not cool.
it took me an hour and a half to get to school one day last week. the school is 30 minutes away from my house..
i was less than 10 minutes away, then i hit a big traffic stop. and had to wait for 45 minutes. like..the devil was tryna make me miss my orgo workshop.
but other than that i'm living life...
like dont judge me, but now i go to happy hour with my friends && we think we're so grown. 
its cause none of us are 21. we're so lame.
hahha. i swear its fun being me.



for some reason i thought about this video the other day...

like this is how people are living.
this is real life. 

"sooo.. do you like still do photography??"

a question i get all the time.
i just be like ughhhh dont remind me.
soooo, long story short. i had 3 cameras.
my canon G5, my baby, my first love, my camera through thick && thin, my canon powershot, my compact camera that i took with me everywhere && and my canon rebel, Jake bought it for me last christmas..
so my powershot was in my coach wristlet && i lost it right before thanksgiving break. (the first thing i've EVER lost, had my ids, my debit card, some cash.. smh!) 
i had to retire my G5. i've been rocking with that thing since middle school so its best if i dont use it anymore so it doesnt stop working for good. its been through alot
I sold the rebel, frankly cause i wanted the cash. i forgot what i even bought but it had to be something good. lol.
so now i'm literally down to no cameras.. well except my iphone camera. lol.
man, i love photography.. really not even photography though just taking pictures.
i just like to capture everything on camera, so i can never forget them.
junior year in high school through my freshman year in college, i doubt i'll ever forget anything that happened throughout that period, mainly because i captured most of it on camera...
i mean i couldve been gotten another camera, but i'd always planned on waiting till black friday so i can get a good deal.
but now i'm getting scared because thats not on the top of my priority list financially anymore.
&& it sucks cause i really want to get a new camera but black friday is like 2 weeks after my birthday && boys got major plans....
i dont know. i'm gonna pimp somebody into buying me a new camera.. lol.
i got the juice.

Monday, September 3, 2012

i have a crush.

on this kid.
he's a black jew.
he's my lightskinned thug.
; ))

Saturday, September 1, 2012

all i want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.

no seriously, somebody get me a stripper.
i'll act surprised i promise.
november 12th!