Saturday, August 4, 2012

convos with the fam.

so we were having a convo yesterday.
me james && my parents.
about the upcoming school year, expectations, living, stuff like that.
as soon as i found out james was going to med school i was happy then i was like dangggggg.
med school is expensive, (its really not that bad though) but i was like dang.
2 kids in college, 1 in med school... their pockets gonna be light.
thats what i thought.
but this guy is tryna live in the med center where rent is absolutely ridiculous, to be close to his school, while i'm slumming it out in 3rd ward. -_____-
once i heard "med center" i was like O_- to my daddy.
then Josh said the craziest 5 words ever.... "money is not an issue." 
O_o whattttt??
yo when i heard that i was like fireworks started going off in my head.
i mean i always knew that... but for him to say it aloud i was like hell yeaaaaaaaa.
he said he "wouldnt even blink twice to write a check for James' tuition."
O_o whatttttt??
ive always tried to be considerate you know?? like the rent at my apartment last year was $327, i didnt ask for money all the time, they bought me a mitsubushi for goodness sake!
i'm over here thinking times are hard. smh.
then Josh hit me with the "you know if you behaved better I would hesitate to spend on you." 
lmaooooo. I dont trip... its true though.
I never complain. I mean I'm content, they give me enough, && I get what ever else I need but damnnnnnn. 
then I was thinking, girls always go after guys that are like their fathers.
&& I never thought that was true until yesterday... its gonna be hard to top my daddy.
like veryyyyyyy hard.

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