Thursday, August 23, 2012

so i'm on my myspace && i'm cracking up reading how i was at 17.

GOD<-- the way, the truth, && the light.
$$Money Hungry$$

..highly.. misunderstood.
attending T-Rav. grrr.
HOOPER at ♥<-- but in actuallity i can barely dribble.
very stubborn.<-- can't tell me nothing.
spoiled, yet grateful.

hustla<-- i can sell ..about.. anything.
SB dunks make me happy. :)
most people think i'm stuck up && i kinda am. (at first.)

my rap alter ego: Elizzy YO!<-- i spit that fiya. lol
HOT && SPICYS<-- dolla menu.
hate people who flaunt their wealth.<-- mine speaks for itself.
infatuated with babies.
females... tsk, tsk. why all the drama??
music might be your life, but singing is what i do.
MICHEAL JACKSON♥<-- the truth. R.I.P 6/25/09
hate redoing my myspace!!!
believes that LOVE overcomes all.
truly believe that ..I'M.. GOD's gift to earth.<--HUMBLY.
the world needs love. love sweet love.

my old bio.
i mean, a lot has changed, but this is me 100%. 
i'm lowkey embarrassed to put this up. hahahahaaa.

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