Monday, August 20, 2012


so tell me why i'm on facebook and then i run into my old chem tutor.
omg he is sooooooooo fine.
like zzamn zaddy.
like i'm drooling right now!
i used to go to the tutoring place where he worked, && act like i didnt get chemistry just so he could spend time with me.
yes, it was that serious.
yes, that does make me thirsty. ionnn currrrr!
he's asian too.
i want to have his babies.
i'm seriously drooling right now.
ok not really, but you get my point.
i'm so excited cause i looked for him on facebook, doing the school year, but he has like a common asain name, so i couldnt find him.
but i ran into him today && THATS A SIGN FROM GOD ITS MEANT TO BE.
like he's so perfect.
ya'll he's so fine, && he has swag, && he has money.
like once he accepts my friend request, i'm gonna ask him on a date.
like i want to marry him. lol.

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