Monday, August 6, 2012

i find it very offensive when people dont trust me.
like very offensive.
i do my best to be real with everyone, && i really do have good intentions toward everyone, so like when people dont trust me, i see that as a slap in my face, spitting on my kindness, && throwing away my generosity.
i believe in karma, i believe whatever you sow, your reap.
i rather send off positive energy into the world then lacing people up with negativity.
not my style.. plus i'm too busy trying to live my life and have fun.
honestly, i'm too worried about myself to be tryna screw anyone else over.
maybe i put off an untrustworthy vibe....
i doubt it. lol. 
for the most part people trust me, or maybe i trust people too much...
man idk... i'm just tryna do right by other people, hoping they'll do the same by me.

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