Saturday, August 18, 2012

i dont know what to say so i'll keep typing till i feel its enough..

i'm so bored.
about to claw my eyes out.
left the house once today...
only to withdraw some money from the bank, && deposit it into the secret bank account my parents dont know about.
no one understands why i do the stuff i do..
shit, sometimes i dont either.
i spent all day today on twitter tweet peeping.
like a fucking creep.
all day. 
people i knew, people i dont know, just trying to live vicariously through them...
does that make me lame??
no, but really though....
nevermind. i'm pretty sure it does.
welp, oh well. lol.
i'm ready to start school.
not so much for the school part.
but cause i get to move back into my apartment, && live however the fuck i want part.
i got some stuff lined up this school year.
i'm raising the bar on myself.
i'm tryna outdo myself.
i got a couple of things in the works.. but i'm keeping everyyyythinnnggggggg hush hush from now on.
niggas just wanna see me fail.
not cool.
i have the bubbleguts.
no seriuosly though.
ive been working out all summer && i have loose skin.... yuck.
i'm telling josh to get me a liposuction for my birthday.
i havent even worn my louboutins yet.
the moment just never came.
sitting in my closet idle.
but God is good.
i dont say this enough but God is great.
they say people can tell by your lifestyle if your a Christian or not.
i mean, i'm not one to pass judgement but i wonder if people can tell about me..
i do wonder.
alright... its enough.

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