Wednesday, August 22, 2012


i never viewed life as a popularity contest.. only cause i know i'd lose.
i'm just tryna live each day not messing anything up, hurting anyone's feelings and getting closer to my life's goals....

anyway, the allstar game estimated ticket prices dropped like last week.
&& when i saw them so did my face. lmao.
but i've decided today i'm gonna go.
its not so much i dont have the money for it, its i dont know if i want to spend that much money on 2 maybe 3 hours. 
like i keep going back && forth with myself, like is it really worth it....
i mean its not really once in a lifetime.. allstar weekend was here when i was like in 6th grade.
so i know it'll come again eventually..
but the situation surrounding it... i'm young, i got the money for it, i have ample opportunity, like time permits...
but again, they say if you cant purchase something 3 times you cant afford it.
plus all my friends not talking about now since they know how much it costs. lmao.
idk, hopefully, i can snag them within the hour they release cause if stubhub buys them all they'll sell them for twice as much and i'll be shit out of luck. lol.
i'm gonna have to return my louboutins but them hoes were uncomfortable TAB anyway.
its just so embarrassing returning them you know?? lol. oh well.

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