Monday, July 30, 2012

updated bucketlist.

2012 Bucketlist.

  • take a roadtrip. (in && out of state)
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. (Gym Class Heroes, Club Paradise, Mali Music, Micah Stampley)
  • get into a 21 && up club. (Venue for the Club Paradise after party && 5th Amendment)
  • go to a gun range.
  • sleep on a roof.
  • audition for the Real World.
  • get my nipple repeirced.
  • consume weed brownies. (some random party with Cary && MarleyFest, i wasnt high either time so it doenst count.)
  • hide && seek in the stadium. (i dont want to do this anymore so... i'm taking it off. lol.)
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