Thursday, July 26, 2012


Damn, Twitter is so annoying.
like annoyingggggggggggg.
well maybe its just the people i follow.
like this girl made a tweet about how all nigerians are ugly.
&& everybody on twitter crucified her.
like killed her, showered her with gasoline && then watched her burn.
like damnnnnn. 
its not that crucial. eventhough her opinion is absurd, the way everyone was getting on her was sickening.
not only Nigerians too! it was akatas, arabs, messicans... like damnnn.
thats the type of ignorant behavior that i cant associate myself with.
i used to love twitter, getting on twitter all the time, having public conversations with my friends, knowing damn well we could take it to text, meeting new people... stuff like that.
now i really loathe twitter && everything it stands for.
people just say outlandish stuff on twitter && expect others not to judge them for it.
people put alllll their business on twitter, leaving nothing to the imagination.
like be mysterious. nobodies gonna want to try && get to know you if they feel they already do.
especially females. i just feel so sorry for people.
i try my best to refrain from twitter, i swear ignorance && dumbassness rubs off.
thats 75% of the crap that people tweet on the daily.
i'm not tryna think like simple minded, uncultured heathens, who've probably never even traveled outside of the US. 
gahhhhhh, i do my best to refrain from twitter, but it just so happens like today when i get on && i see such ignorance.
all the twitter beefs, && exposing people i mean its entertaining for awhile but on a daily basis?? smh. 
my dad always says "garbage in garbage out".
like get your money up!!! work on you're future!!! better your life!!!
ironically, is the less i tweet the more people hit me up to "check up" on me. O_o
you dont realize how much time && energy is wasted on twitter until you sit back on it for awhile.
i'm not gonna delete mine solely so people can see how well i'm doing. lol. its the blunt truth.

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