Monday, July 16, 2012

my highs my lows, my ups my downs.
all go on this blog.
sometimes, i forget that this is on the internet && literally anyone could be reading this.
it doesnt bother me, but when i really think about it its kinda creepy.
a total stranger can "know" me && a great deal of events that happened in my life without even once meeting me face to face.
&& for some reason that still doesnt bother me though...
i write for myself. not to entertain people, or portray a facade.
its therapeutic for me. 
very therapeutic actually.
i just type && keep typing, whatever comes to mind. 
most of the time i dont even proofread after i'm done.
i rarely even go back && read my old posts, its like weird for me. 
when i do i though, i see all these typos, && i'm like "nooooooo, i dont want people to think i'm retarded." lol.
its about 3am right now. have to be up in 3 hours for summer school.
arent i lucky?? 

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