Wednesday, July 11, 2012

just got home.

well not really.
took my babies taiwo && kenny to lunch to lace them up on the college life.
their going to UT in the fall on an academic scholarship!
so proud of them.
i felt like its my duty to put all incoming freshmen on game about college life.
my freshmen year i had lots of people tell me how it is, show me the ropes, introduce me to plenty of people, all that good stuff.
they warned me about things to watch out for && not do, people not to mess with..
i literally did everything i was told not to do my freshmen year.
its crazy cause even though i heard that stuff from many different outlets, i kind of disregarded it.
thats me though, i'm a rebel. 
but through experience i learned all i need to know && more.. 
so we went to freebirds && talked to hoursssssss. lol.
i was happy that i could tell them about my experiences, so they wont make the same mistakes i did.
a new city, from forceful, nigerian infested alief, houston --> austin where everybody is chill && laid back..
major culture shock.
but i think theyll handle it well..
i'm so full && tired.
i'm supposed to do my physics homework but i'm bout to knockout. hahhaha.

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