Sunday, July 8, 2012

i'm just bored outta my mind you dont even know!!!

bad things always happen when people have too much time on their hands.
"an idle mind is the devil's playground."
well thats what they say.
i dont give 2 fucks.
like damn a nigga ready to pull her hair out.
..... .
like i'm been keeping to myself so much lately, ive started to get on my own damn nerves.
like i'm seriously annoyed with myself. lmao.
this cant be good.
i'm about to text random people in my phone "hey."
...i lied. 
i hate doing that.
boys is mad bored right now. damn.
tried to go thrifing with Cary today.
all 3 of the thrift stores i planned on going to close on Sundays.
it was raining my hair got wet.
now its curly.
i got summer school tomorrow.
at stafford, where all the nasty forceful hypebeast ass nigerians be.
like kill me now.
man this summer is sucking ass right now. 
not even gonna front.

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