Saturday, July 7, 2012

i'm home && bored.

i wanna talk though. 
to someone!
i'm so bored....
&& its too late to be texting someone just to talk.
dont wanna be pegged as "thirsty". or even worse, screenshotted!
i swear thats like one of my biggest fears. 
trying to have an innocent conversation with someone && it being screenshotted on twitter or facebook.
.....i came to realization today that lightskin niggas stay losing. lol.
i'm mad at myself for even thinking that cause i hate this lightskin vs darksin battle, but i was on wshh && i was just like "damn! lightskin niggas stay losing." I was so serious too. thats the funny part. 
reading people's ignorant, mediocre, half ass thoughts has negatively influenced me. smh.
thats why i'm chilling on twitter for awhile.
i'm taking a lil hiatus. just for me to gather my thoughts, && unfollow people without being charged up.
lol. i'm so sneaky. i unfollowed a hand full of people, but since they see i havent been tweeting no one called me out, or unfollowed me. hahhahahahhaaa.
i'm an evil genius. 
.....anywho, i had a nightmare last night.
ive been stressing a lot lately. i thinks thats why.
it was wierd, so much was happening.
it revealed some insecurities i have. 
it was just a lot.
i'm trying to analyze all of it && get to the root of it so i can work on whatever my subconscious is saying to me.
well try && make it was just sooooooo much going on && it felt so real.
like where did all these thoughts come from...
i exaggerated, it was more of an unpleasant dream than a nightmare.
i just didnt like what i was seeing, well dreaming.

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