Friday, June 29, 2012

to say i've lost hope in mankind is an understatement.

its just no one is ever real.
everyone disregards each others feelings.
no one cares about common courtesy or human decency anymore.
thats not the way its supposed to be.
i dont wanna live in a society where i cant trust a single soul.
where i have to wonder what everyone's true intentions are.
its life, but its not the kinda life that i wanna live.
so what do i do now??
...i dont know.
i'm just fed up with everyone's pessimistic attitude.
all the backstabbing, && the fakeness.
like i'm 20, i'm grown.
be real with me, be real with who you are.
if i could crawl in a hole, just to hide away from this world i would.
i just cant take all this.
but i cant, i have to stick it out && be strong.... for whatever reason.
now i'm just rambling. lol.
people really just piss me off.

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