Friday, March 16, 2012

today was interesting.

so there's this person...
their cool. childhood friend actually, but lost touch over the years.
well known, throughout the community. very well known.
&& its like they wanna catch up, && be like how we used to be...
i mean cool no problem with that.
buttttttt, this said person is like i said well known && has a lot of friends.
besides not trying to be on that scene again, like if i was to befriend this person i'd want them all to myself.
&& thats when i realized i had a problem!
cause this person is real nice, checking up on me occasionally, got their act together, a real stand up person.
but everything in me is like "dont do it, just keep your distance!"
im very possessive with everything, but with friends its like a mix of jealousy thrown in there too!
like i understand that there's no way i can be everything to everyone.
but i wanna be.... atleast at that moment.
i want to be enough for them. i mean... idk... its late. these are just random thoughts.
i need to go to bed, i have orientation at the hospital tomorrow.
goodnight ya'll.

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