Saturday, March 17, 2012

"to some, it's whatever you make it - to the others; it is, what it is."

yesterday went out with bria && addrian. one of those "go with the flow, whatever happens happens, but something crunk always happens so YOLO" kinda nights.
freshman, thats allllll we had. hahhaa.
but anyway we ended up at Chachos. i always thought it was just a place to get food. you know to eat right, but its a sceneeee!
kinda live scene but its like mostly older people.
lmao. it was fun though. entertaining.
this grown ass lady was wasted, she kept falling down bro. hahhha. mad funny.
she was grownnnn man! them old folks were live though.
&& then these random as niggas kept buying us margaritas && dedicating songs to us on the jukebox.
after we left or whatever, swang back to bria's house.
we were reminiscing, having heart to hearts, while we were wasted.
like i love that girl with all my heart.
but she slickly broke it down to me that she's moving back to austin.
she's been talking to me about it, but i didnt think it was actually gonna happen.
:/ like my heart hurts... but she was like Houston is making her hostile, she's not happy here. 
she dont have to deal with all these crackheads && wack niggas. she miss her family too. their all real close.
i mean i understand, i dont want her to leave but she gotta do whats best for her.
not everyone is made out for this Houston life. especially not coming from chill ass Austin.
the only upside is i'll always have a place to stay when i go to Austin.
i'll miss her though.

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