Saturday, March 17, 2012

O_O -----> ^_^

"to some, it's whatever you make it - to the others; it is, what it is."

yesterday went out with bria && addrian. one of those "go with the flow, whatever happens happens, but something crunk always happens so YOLO" kinda nights.
freshman, thats allllll we had. hahhaa.
but anyway we ended up at Chachos. i always thought it was just a place to get food. you know to eat right, but its a sceneeee!
kinda live scene but its like mostly older people.
lmao. it was fun though. entertaining.
this grown ass lady was wasted, she kept falling down bro. hahhha. mad funny.
she was grownnnn man! them old folks were live though.
&& then these random as niggas kept buying us margaritas && dedicating songs to us on the jukebox.
after we left or whatever, swang back to bria's house.
we were reminiscing, having heart to hearts, while we were wasted.
like i love that girl with all my heart.
but she slickly broke it down to me that she's moving back to austin.
she's been talking to me about it, but i didnt think it was actually gonna happen.
:/ like my heart hurts... but she was like Houston is making her hostile, she's not happy here. 
she dont have to deal with all these crackheads && wack niggas. she miss her family too. their all real close.
i mean i understand, i dont want her to leave but she gotta do whats best for her.
not everyone is made out for this Houston life. especially not coming from chill ass Austin.
the only upside is i'll always have a place to stay when i go to Austin.
i'll miss her though.

Friday, March 16, 2012

today was interesting.

so there's this person...
their cool. childhood friend actually, but lost touch over the years.
well known, throughout the community. very well known.
&& its like they wanna catch up, && be like how we used to be...
i mean cool no problem with that.
buttttttt, this said person is like i said well known && has a lot of friends.
besides not trying to be on that scene again, like if i was to befriend this person i'd want them all to myself.
&& thats when i realized i had a problem!
cause this person is real nice, checking up on me occasionally, got their act together, a real stand up person.
but everything in me is like "dont do it, just keep your distance!"
im very possessive with everything, but with friends its like a mix of jealousy thrown in there too!
like i understand that there's no way i can be everything to everyone.
but i wanna be.... atleast at that moment.
i want to be enough for them. i mean... idk... its late. these are just random thoughts.
i need to go to bed, i have orientation at the hospital tomorrow.
goodnight ya'll.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


man. ya'll dont even know.
i be meaning to blog. i seriously do.
but i just never find the time.
like a have a few instances that i really wanted to blog about but i just never find the time.
my life is getting interesting now.
ohkay, semi interesting.
just started playing the field. 
&& by "playing the field" i mean playing the field.
as much as i hate to admit it i get attached to people to easily.
not clingy attached but like i'm not getting a chance to know the real you before i start making a future for us. that kinda attached.
i swear after every boy i talk to i get a new perspective on life! 
like a portion of my eyes just open a bit.
after jake i was like mannnnnnn.... it made me realize that i should stop putting so much pressure on finding a husband. now, now, now.
like i'm seriously crazy. its not that i want to get married like right now at this moment.
its just that i dont like 5-7 years from now to be still looking for a husband, you know??
idk, i'm real insecure about that for some reason.
hahha. i watch to much movies.
anyway my new flavor of the week is Denzel.
but we gonna call him ROTC. 
since i'm playing the field, everybody gotta stay anonymous. i'm not the type to get caught up.
so nick names for everybody!
anywho, i like him.
black. tall. dark. handsome. no bullshit looks just like Denzel Washington. a younger version.
he's different. cause he's mean. && he's like a man. like a man's man.
he doesnt call me, or text me everyday. 
he tells me what to do, like in a strict way.
like a drill sargent. hahaha. its weird, but he's really nice.
he like to rub his feet on my knee, which is like one of my biggest pet peeves ever!
i hate when people rub their feet on me. like it makes me insane.
&& he likes to stick his finger in my ear. why?? who knows... lol.
he cant buy me nice things but i still like him.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

i was thinking today..

i wonder what kinda traits my children are gonna get from me..
like with heredity && stuff.
my contacts expired && i've been waiting like a week for my new ones to come so i've been wearing my glasses.
but anywho, i found it extremely interesting cause i have to wear glasses cause my dad. he bad eyesight so my brother && one of my sisters has to wear glasses/contacts. 
like his bad eye sight genes passed sown to all of us.
&& then hair! && we all have good hair..
but my dad has thick eyebrows.
but mine arent so thick.
idk what i get from my mom honestly. lol.
but i wonder what my kids are gonna get from me. 
hopefully they'll get my boldness.
i wouldnt mind that.

5 days, 5 different ways.

Travie McCoy's shirt. 
everyday last week.