Sunday, February 5, 2012

this is what happens at TSU parties.

Juicy && Chicago.
what can i even say about these two??
anyway i couldnt capture when Juicy, the red head in the back, was doing tricks cause they told me to stop recording. but she put like shaving cream, which is really flammable, on her thighs, && then lit it on fire! 
&& then thunderclapped the fire out!
lmaooo. all the dudes went crazy over that. hahahhaaa.
&& then she put a water bottle in her vajayjay && then spitted it out like a fountain.
man ya'll just had to see it. the dudes loved it, but it was disgusting. lol.
&& then Chicago. smh. she is nastyyyyyyyyyyyy!
she doesnt even shaved her vajayjay!!! like what level?!!!
right when the video was ending she started eating out the girl in the stripped dress.
for a long ass time! ewwwww.
&& the girl liked it. smh. she was from TSU.
her && her 2 friends were cool though, cause the pimps were like if you dont have money you dont need to be in here. 
i seen her with a lot of ones && i was like "break bread girl."
hahahha. she gave me $2. i'll be damned if i spend money on a stripper!
my money or not. you know i hit up taco bell on the way back && got 2 beefy crunch burritos!
but anyway Chicago was so nasty, she sucked another girl's titty && fingered her. 
i wish i could've gotten it all on camera. but i'm happy i didnt. lol.
TSU.... TSU.... TSU....
i'd expect that from PV, but not... well actually i'd expect it from TSU too. smh.
very entertaining night.

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