Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Gym Class Heroes Experience.

AMAZING! to say the least.
i'll start from the beginning. its late i'm tried. so i'll do my best to make sense.
so it starts at 12:50pm. when i got outta chem....
they were handing out tickets at 3pm but i knew there was gonna be a long line so i sprinted my way to the place they were gonna be handing them out.
ran into Meheretab on the way, so we stood in line, for YES 2 whole hours!
lol. it wasnt that bad, we were in front. i was sitting, chillaxing most the time. 
so blah blah blah we got our tickets. doors didnt open to 7. so we left then came back around 4:30pm.
stood in another line to get into the actual venue. lol.
well actually my friend held down the spot for us. 
cause Lord know, i cant be still for that long.
anyway, i had my purse on me, && they didnt allow purses inside.
oh i forgot to say where we parked. lmao.
damn i skipped a lot of crucial info.
alright back track. hahahha.
ohkay, so the people i was with was Meheretab, Alodie, my ace Bria, Meheretab's cousin, Lula, && her friend Brinda.
&& we got lucky, && parked right on the side of Cullen Performance Hall, the venue. 
mmk. we're back on track. lol.
so i had to put my purse in Meheretab's car && at the same time i noticed 3 white "rapists vans" pull into the back where the we parked.
&& i was oh shit thats them! 
&& it was!!!!!!!
he hopped out the van && i was like gahhhhhhhhleeeeeeeeeleee!!
like this nigga is just SWAG!!!!! epitome of swag.
like its not possible!
so me && meheretab were freaking out. 
most me, lowkey though.
i was like 20 feet away from him, but he was surrounded by people && his short ass bodygaurd.
i was like "hi Travie, my name is Trixie!"
&& he said "hi."
i was shaking fool. i couldnt even believe that shit myself! hahhaha.
i was like get it together Trix. lol.
meheretab was like "can we get a picture?!" && his bodygaurd was like "not now guys."
like we were the only 2 fans back there, like wtf?!
but i wasnt tripping.
we stood there for like 2 minutes && just watched him. he smoked a cig. HUGE turn off for me, but i mean... its Travie McCoy. lol.
so eventually they told us we had to leave, so i was like "bye Travie, i'll see you inside, i'll be front row."
&& that nigga was like bye, && then head nodded me like we were besties. lmao.
Meheretab was rolling. hahhha. what can i say?!! i'm charming nigga. hahahhaa.
anyway, so we get back in line. i was the 3rd person. ^__^
like for me not to know most of their songs && stuff it was a live ass concert! like forreal.
that hoe was live. i was front row, with my team.
fastforward through the concert.
he had already thrown out 2 towels with bitches fought for, like physically fought. like was on the floor dragging each other for.
i had given up hope....
but faithfully!
he started taking off his shirt....
i honestly didnt think i was gonna get it.
but he gave it to me.
like he placed that hoe in my hand. 
like i've upgraded from towels now! i'm getting actual clothes!!!
that made my month damn.
i feel like cause only cause he saw me before the concert && recognized me. && i kept screaming out stuff when it got quiet. lmao.
When he was right in front of me && it was quiet i yelled out "Trixie loves you!!!!!"
&& he looked at me && was like "love you too babe!" i dieddddddddddddddddddddddd.
like dead. like in the grave && didnt rise up again.
hahaha. && he winked at me through the wholeeeeeeee show. no bullshit.
that concert was live TAB.
but thats not the end of my night...
CaryFagan told me to come out with him to a bar. 
&& ya'll know i'm down.
so me && bria met him "boondocks" then hit up the after party for the concert at Riches.
Travie McCoy was there too. i couldve forced my life && sat in VIP with him or gotten a picture, but i didnt want to seem like a stalker. that trust me that nigga knew who i was.
i didnt want to freak him out. so i just chilled back.
&& that was my first time in Rich's... all i can say is never again.
I would have been PISSEDDDDDDDDD if i had paid to get in that hoe but CaryFagan knew the promoter or someone, so we all got in free. but that shit was wackkkkkkkkkkk.
like a whole lot of creepers! && like wack white people music.
not one fine nigga in that place. it was full of young slutty white girls && like foreign exchange students or something && old ass black men. like super old. it was maddddd paki's in that hoe. like FOB paki's not the sugarland wealthy ones either.
it was a hot ass mess. seriously.
i'll never go back to that place. not even if its free. 
but anyway that was my day... it 4:08am now... but i'm prolly not gonna post this until i get the pictures off my phone!

 his shirt && a bottle water he threw into the audience. its fiji water. i'm NEVER opening it.
everybody wants to know what brand it is. its called "Topman" its a British brand. && its a Medium. it smells like his cologne. like i've worn it for the past 3 days now. 
 the line to get the tickets. && that was just at 1.
 when i was in the parking lot && he first spoke to me.
bria, alodie && me.
front row nigggassssss.
 yes i was right in that nigga face. lmao. he's gorgeous.
i took all these with the camera on my phone. with sucks, so ya'll bare with me. lol

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